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“I’m feeling more calm and empowered”

I am most proud of creating a sense of calm and excitement about the transition of my kids moving on and looking at how I’m going to best spend my time and energy before retirement years.  I found the worksheets and resources you made available to me most helpful.  I had enough space and time to do the work and I loved the support over email and text.  I have really enjoyed doing this work with Angelique, and appreciate all the time and energy she has put forth.  I can confidently refer others to Angelique for coaching.


Chiropractor (Owner)

Truly Transformational

Angelique’s presence as a coach is truly transformational. She helps leaders and high achievers see the simple things in life that are easy to miss. If you are looking for someone who will help you find a sense of balance in your life, Angelique is the best. I highly recommend her!

- Laura

I am confident that I can do anything

I feel capable that I can address situations that come up head on because I am confident that I can do anything. Since working with Angelique, I have gained a sense of humor, which is big, and lost vanity and insecurities. I have a support system in place and am not going backwards, I’m only moving forward. I have had a lot of inner growth and am accepting of what I’ve learned about myself, and how I handle situations that come up because ‘I’m OK’.

I was blocking my own growth

I have found a deeper understanding of my thought process, what energizes me and what feels good. I often made decisions because ‘I should’ rather than ‘I want to’. I discovered that I can make it happen! And I did.. I learned that I can set boundaries, and that I can control my own expectations. I am a take charge person, but often didn't follow through on things that would make me happy. The BodyMind method created a shift that was light and easy, felt good to me and focused on where I was feeling it in my body. It was gently done and inspiring.